Leisure dress

(Picture from: www.uniqlo.com)

Recently bought this dress for a leisure getaway for HKD199 (USD25)

Love this for its cut and the detail at the bottom, which looks pull together without spending effort for styling

The best part is that, this dress looks great wearing it wrinkled!

I wore mine with a pair of basic black flats + a chain necklace

Oh, and to keep myself from the chills, I also carry a black cardigan with me

Accessory Diary: 16 March 2011

Brown cocktail ring:  from India

Spiky cocktail ring: from Thailand

Necklace:  From Thailand

Sexy minus the flaunting

I love the white tee + black blazer + skinnies look, but I never buy plain white tees.

Plain white tees reminds me of men’s under shirt.

I love statement tees, but wearing them takes courage – and I am not very out spoken.

Wore my favorite tee out today along with a simple black cardigan with princess sleeves (to widen my shoulders) + black skinnies + black flats + Chanel chain bag.


Love this tee ’cause it’s sexy without flaunting any skin / flesh! (Priced HKD130 / USD16)

Though there are lots of tees out there, picking a cool one takes time.

Therefore, tee hunting is always an on-going mission for my closet.

Fresh Lips!


(Photo:  Courtesy from Fresh)

If I’d have to categorize, lip balms should fall under “personal care products” along with deodorants and tooth brushes.

Can’t live without lip balm because of my constantly dried lips.

I’d strategically place my lip balms in such a way that I can just grab one within a reach: a jar of Kiehl’s balm on my office desk, a Mary Kay lip balm in my bathroom, and on my bedside, my jacket pockets…etc.

Recently found in my purse is FRESH’s Suger Rose Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 – it smells go, and it’s made with all natural ingredients that doesn’t wax up my lips.  One application last for hours and the best part is that the tint of natural rosy colour gives my lips a natural pink shine.

A note to keep the tube in good condition:  the lip balm is made softer than average, so, remember not to keep it in your jeans pocket or under extreme heat (don’t bring it with you to the beach!) 

It’s quite pricy at USD22.50, but I think it’s an essential products that worth investing in.

Steve Madden Sexy Flats

Been addicted to the show, “Rachel Zoe Project”.

Took inspiration from the styling goddess and went for my first mega heel experience at Steve Madden 2 days ago – Rachel was able to run, walk on snow, and work, wearing those 7 inches.

 I thought, I can too.

Tried on a pair of brown 5-inch pumps at the shop…opps…couldn’t balance.  My body couldn’t manage to balance on the third step, urgh.  I guess it’s a talent for walking in heels too.

Love the extreme height of Steve Madden – it’s either 5-inch heels or flats.

Feeling defeated but I couldn’t leave empty-handed.  In the end, I opted for a total opposite – flats.

I don’t normally wear flats since some flats make my legs look fat & short, but Steve Madden’s flats have really nice cut, that elongate the legs.  It goes perfectly with skinnies, which I wear all the time.

With a pair of black and a pair of nude, I think I have a pretty good flat basics.

Travel size Chanel No.5


(Photo:  Courtesy of www.chanel.com)

Chanel launched a limited edition Chanel No. 5 fragrance series with 3 refills and a travel size perferm bottle.

Bought it.

Love it.

While the original Chanel No. 5 is regarded as the legendary fragrance, the scent is too strong for my taste. 

Launched in 2007, Chanel No.5 Eau Première is a down-to-earth alternative.

The scent is light, fresh, and very clean – just perfect for everyday wear.

I am now keeping a bottle in my Chanel purse – matchy matchy!

Posh + Tough

After a few warm days, temperature dropped back to 15 degrees, just perfect to introduce my tweed biker jacket bought last week.

I like the combination of posh (the colour + the material) vs. toughness (the design), which allows me to pair up with basically anything.

With a hint of red on the jacket, I am keeping everything subtle in black, pairing up a funky necklace, a stack of gold bacelets, and a cocktail ring.

Alternatives to wearing this tweed biker jacket:

  1. (For Dinner) A puffy dress in black + a strand of pearl + heels in deep red  
  2. (For Casual Friday) Straight leg jeans + leather flats (or low heels)
  3. (For Fashion Shopping) Tank top + Slouchy pants + heels

P.S. This is just HKD100! (USD13) *Shopaholic Victory!!!*

Jewelries storage

(Reference:  People Style Watch March 2011 issue, P.246)

Came across this page about organizing Jewelries – love all the ideas.

However, living in tiny spaces in Hong Kong may not allow us fit even an earring tree. 

I love jewelries, and it requires high organization skills to store them well, so here is how I’d organize mine.

Old style stationary shops sell mini plastic pouches – a pack of 100 cost HKD13.00 (small ones for earrings and rings) to HKD20 (for medium size for necklaces and bangles) 

These pouches go into these boxes for storage.  

Short Leather Jacket

Jacket is a great tool for my small shoulders; it can also add sophistication to most attires.

Scored this short leather jacket recently at a mere HKD560 *shopaholic victory!!!* – love the feminine design with round collar and a bit of princess shoulder.

Not a risk taker and would play safe with blacks & neutrals in general.

Did some matching with this new jacket, thoughts?


1.  This would be my work attire – the short jacket gives structure to the upper body, yet, I also get to play up the slouchy design of the pants.  For accessories, probably just a pair of hoop earrings, cocktail ring / bangles will do.

2.  Another work look that’s fun, colourful, pretty, and cute.  The whole ensemble is simple – with the details at the front of the dress, there isn’t a need for necklaces.  An alternative is to add a thick wrapped belt right below the bust. 

3.  Cotton tank + leggings scream COMFORT.  Put on a statement necklace becomes a put together look for a Friday Casual / Weekend look.  For shoes – FLATS.

Feeling Gray

Before winning the lottery, there is always a BUDGET when it comes to fashion (or say, purchases).

Love the Birkin (who doesn?!) but buying a bag with a price tag equivalent to a mini cooper just isn’t healthy for my wallet.

Bright side is, there are tons of options out there – from the major copycats to those that just takes the essence from the original Birkin.

Bought this cozy soft gray leather bag at a fashion boutique for 0.01 the price of a real Birkin, brand:  Quinza Quinza (made in Italy).

It’s the size of a luggage and it basically fits EVERYTHING – that is, if you can lift it and carry it.

The bags that I carry resemble my state of mind – whenever I feel hectic and stressed out, I carry gigantic bags, and this is definately one of the good examples.